Why Choose Edgewood Eye Center for my contact needs?

At Edgewood Eye Center, we fit all soft and rigid gas permeable lenses. This includes specialty lenses for those with astigmatism, bifocals and hard to fit patients. With our thorough evaluation we can determine which contact lens modality is best for your visual needs.

We use all major brand contact lenses such as Cooper, Bausch and Lomb. CIBA, Nova-Kone and Rose K to name a few. We have some brands of soft contact lenses in stock, and those we don't carry can often be shipped in 1-2 days.

Lens Care Guide*

Why is contact lens care important?
Like all synthetic materials, contact lenses are subject to a buildup of micro-organisms and deposits. If not removed, these deposits and absorbed materials can build up on the lens surface which over time may result in the reduction of comfort and vision as well as an increased risk of contamination.
This is why lenses need to be cared for on a regular basis using various types of solutions, which are not only compatible with the lens materials but also with the eye itself.

Why can't water be used for rinsing contact lenses?
Tap water contains chlorine, minerals and metal particles, which can damage both the lenses and the eye. Among other things, water contains organisms, which can lead to serious infections of the eye through microbial contamination. Home made saline, purified or distilled water does not disinfect contact lenses and should not be used for rinsing the lenses.

The 4 Important Things to Know about Lens Care
1. Cleaning and Disinfection
Cleaning and disinfecting are important to kill micro-organisms responsible for eye infections.

2. Storage
Contact lenses must be stored in solutions approved for contact lens storage.

3. Re-wetting
Use drops approved for re-wetting contact lenses as needed to alleviate symptoms of lens dryness. This is not an actual lens care step, but can be used for extra comfort.

4. The Lens Case
Data indicate that lens cases are a significant source of microbial contamination. Proper lens case cleaning and frequently replacing your case are essential for minimizing the risk of contact lens-related eye infections. Always follow the directions on the packaging insert for detailed instructions on cleaning your lens case.

*Information from www.cibavision.com


Paul Sorg
Contact Lens Spcialist

How do I know if I'm ready for contact lenses?

If you would like to find out whether or not you would be able to wear contact lenses for everyday or occasional wear, we would be happy to provide a contact lens evaluation at the time of your exam. A contact evaluation involves tests and procedures beyond those performed during a standard comprehensive eye examination. These specialized tests and procedures will allow us to determine if your eyes are suited for lens wear. Your eye and general health will be evaluated for any conditions which may not allow for safe lens wear.

After the contact lens evaluation, a contact lens fitting will determine the type and measurements of the most suitable contact lens for you. Our goal is to find the best possible fit to ensure optimum vision, comfort and safety with your new contact lenses. A series of important follow-up visits have been designed to maintain continuous eye health, accurate contact lens fit and optimum vision acuity. During these visits, any necessary lens changes or prescription changes are advised.

Edgewood Eye Center is proud to be a supplier of CooperVision® contact lenses.