To Paul Sorg, Edgewood Eye Center,

I can see! I can see! No really, I can see everything, all the time.
What a great thing to discover Focus NIGHT & DAY contacts. Before I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without first putting on my glasses. Now when I wake up in the morning and look out the window, I can see!   My new NIGHT & DAY contacts are like a dream come true: No surgery, no hassle, no worry. For anyone who is able to see without glasses, this must seem a big deal out of nothing, for me I love being able to see.  Thank you for introducing me to this miracle
Yes it is a job...yes you do it daily...and yes our entire family is more than appreciative of the attention, care and just general interest in our well being. From everyone. It is a real pleasurenot only being cordially greeted at the front desk but just in general how everybody not only pays attention but is genuinely interested in complete patient care. We just thought it was nice to say how we feel and let you know...keep up your great work and we'll try to keep making our eyes as healthy as can be. 
Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate all of your help with my contacts. You spent a lot of time explaining the different types of contacts which helped me to make my decision. You were so kind to lend me a contact, so I could see with both eyes! I am very happy with the bifocal lenses. They work great for me, especially in Hawaii when it came to seeing the beautiful sights and reading the wonderful restaurant menus!  I work in the medical field and it's always refreshing to find someone out there who still cares about the patient and quality care!
Thank you again!
Mary C.
Dear Paul, I absolutely love my soft contacts and "black" glasses. Whenever I wore glasses, they had such thick lenses. You can't believe how much trouble I was having with my gas perm lenses. Thank you for your excellent care and advice. I feel like everything is greener when I look outside and I can see the road signs too! I thought I was going to have to give up driving at night, but because of you, I don't have to. 
Thanks again,
Ardis B.
I really appreciate the time you took to take care of our problems. Thanks for putting the glasses in the box outside and making all the phone calls. 
We really appreciate all you do.
The H. Family
I wanted you to know that I really appreciated the contacts. They make the annual trip to the lake fun for one who wears glasses.
Ted M.
Thanks a lot. You are all the best!! 
The B Family
Dear Friends, I just wanted to thank all of you at the Edgewood Eye Center. You not only were kind and helpful but also listened to all my concerns and needs. I love my contacts and glasses. They are working great! You have helped me at work and are making it enjoyable to read again. Thanks again to all of you. 
Renee B
Thanks for the great service!
Vicki C.
Dear Paul, Just a note to say thank you for your extra time and attention last week to help with my contacts and to inform me of my soft contact options. I appreciate your patience in sharing your vast knowledge with me! After the last cleaning of my contacts, they feel great! Again, thank you! You are my contact hero!
Sharie W.
Thank you for helping us get our kids to see again! We will miss all of you there at Edgewood Eye Center. We started going there when we moved to KY 17 years ago. You were there for all of our family additions and we saw yours.
Bless you all. Love
The M Family
Dear Mr. Sorg, Thank you for fitting me with dailies contact lenses. I am getting really good at putting them in.
P.S. It hasn't been the same playing sports, it is great!
K. W. age 9 3/4
Went to Disney and actually saw the MOUSE. Thanks for taking time to work with me on my contacts.
Lois O.
This is to again express my deep appreciation for the simply outstanding service I continue to enjoy as an Edgewood Eye Center patient. Your level of cutting edge technical expertise combined with your excellent customer service clearly separates you from most other eye care facilities. Every member of your staff is very knowledgeable, very helpful and sincere in the daily execution of you goal to provide superior eye care to your patients. In most of todays society, great customer service is a "lost art"; and many medical providers unfortunately reinforce this phenomena. Edgewood Eye Center, however, is a pleasant reminder that excellent customer service is possible on a day in and day out basis. I as a patient, recognize and deeply appreciate the efforts of the entire staff.
Paul J.